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Dental Services We Offer

We are your partner for quality dental and oral health. Dr. Jenny Liu and our friendly and caring team are dedicated to helping you attain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile you can be genuinely proud of.

Emergency Dentist

Are you experiencing severe oral pain or discomfort? Is there bleeding in your teeth or gums? You need an emergency dentist and get immediate dental treatment!

General Dentistry

General dentistry covers various dental treatment options and procedures aimed at protecting and maintaining good oral health. Our treatments will keep your gums, mouth, and teeth problem-free. We will work with you to make quality dental care simple for you and your family.

Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Do you want to safely whiten discoloured teeth? Or do you want a brighter smile? If you said yes to one or both, we got you! At Happy Dentistry, you can experience quality teeth whitening treatment in a comfortable environment.


Orthodontics is the particular branch of dentistry focused on treating dental abnormalities, such as crooked teeth, jaw misalignment, crowded teeth, and bite problems.
Our orthodontic treatments aim to:

  • Give you a correct bite
  • Enhance your smile’s appearance
  • Prevent teeth diseases

Childrens Dentistry

Happy Dentistry is on a mission to make each dental visit a positive experience for you and your child. We care about children’s dental and oral health. We will provide the comprehensive dental care they need to help them attain that confident, perfect smile through their adult years.

Root Canal Treatment

Are you experiencing pain when biting or chewing food? Do you get a sharp pain or do your teeth become overly sensitive whenever you drink hot or cold beverages? You may have severe tooth decay and need to have your root canal checked!

How can we help?

At Happy Dentistry, we take a patient-centred approach in all our services. Dr. Liu is a gentle dentist committed to making each dental visit an enjoyable experience for you. We will always prioritise your comfort, health, and safety. We will work with you as you make the decision to improve your dental and oral health.


Chinese Speaking Dentist


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Why choose us?

Happy Dentistry provides high-quality, state-of-the-art dentistry solutions. Our dentists in Melbourne are continually updated with the latest tools and techniques in the field. Located along Swanston Street, our dental practice is in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Visit us at our Melbourne dental clinic during our opening hours! Get quality dental treatment today to help you attain and maintain a beautiful smile. Please book an appointment today, or you can learn more about our Chinese-speaking dentist in Melbourne.