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Our dental practice believes having straight teeth and the correct bite will improve your smile. That’s why we provide a customised orthodontic treatment based on your dental needs.

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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the particular branch of dentistry focused on treating dental abnormalities, such as crooked teeth, jaw misalignment, crowded teeth, and bite problems.

Our orthodontic treatments aim to:

  • Give you a correct bite
  • Enhance your smile’s appearance
  • Prevent teeth diseases

Our Orthodontic Services

Are you looking for orthodontic treatment in Melbourne CBD? Well, your search is over. Happy Dentistry is here to help.

Our dental team is committed to bringing you straighter teeth and that beautiful smile you deserve. We offer various orthodontic treatments, including:

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are metal brackets we will position on your teeth using dental adhesive and wire. Braces can help correct a misaligned bite, jaw problems, or crooked and crowded teeth. The goal is to make cleaning the teeth easier and remove eating or speaking problems caused by the jaw or teeth being poorly positioned.

Ceramic braces

We use ceramic braces made from composite materials. They come in different levels of transparency and will imitate the colour of your natural teeth. Our dental team will be happy to check if ceramic braces are suitable for you.

Clear aligners

Happy Dentistry is an Aligner-certified dental practice. We design clear aligners that effectively guide your teeth into the proper position. They are made using strong plastic and customised to fit your mouth. Most of our patients find clear aligners to have a smoother feel to the mouth and to be more comfortable than traditional braces.

Orthognathic Surgery

Our dentists may refer you to seek corrective jaw surgery to shorten or lengthen your jaw if you have a severe overbite or underbite. This orthodontic procedure may require using plates, wires, or surgical screws to support your jawbone.

Are You Looking For a Chinese-speaking Dentist in Melbourne?

We are proud to communicate effectively in both English and Mandarin at our dental practice in Melbourne. We offer our services to international students, families, and anyone looking to improve their dental and oral health.

We Are Here to Help

At Happy Dentistry, we take a patient-centred approach in all our services. We will always prioritise your comfort, health, and safety. We will work with you as you decide to improve your dental and oral health to attain a beautiful smile.

Happy Dentistry provides high quality, state of the art orthodontic treatments. Our dentists in Melbourne are continually updated with the latest tools and techniques in the field of orthodontics.

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