Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Do you want to have a perfect smile? Our Chinese-speaking cosmetic dentist at Happy Dentistry is here to help! We offer personalised cosmetic dentistry for a unique smile makeover.

We believe getting your ideal smile will boost your self confidence and change your life for the better. That’s why we customise cosmetic dentistry treatments based on our patient’s dental needs.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry applies procedures that focus on enhancing your smile’s appearance. With these treatments, you don’t have to worry about crooked, cracked, discoloured, and missing teeth.

This area of dentistry can also help you with functionality by improving your bite and replacing damaged teeth so you can speak and chew food more effectively.

Are You Looking for Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne?

Our cosmetic dentists will listen to your concerns that need to be addressed. With our Chinese-speaking dentist, you can rest assured that someone can understand your dental needs whether you speak English or Mandarin.

We will assess and discuss with you the potential treatments and alternatives needed to enhance your teeth’s appearance. That perfect smile you’ve longed for is within your reach through our cosmetic dentistry treatments!

Make Your Dream Smile a Reality with Happy Dentistry!

Our cosmetic dentists will walk with you every step of the way to help you attain that beautiful and healthy smile you deserve.

We offer various cosmetic dentistry services, which include:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. It involves safely bleaching your natural teeth to make them lighter in colour. This treatment is the simplest way to make your smile more beautiful without using a drill!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are tooth-coloured materials or laminates designed to cover the front surface of your teeth and correct colour imperfections. They can also improve the size and shape of your teeth. With dental veneers, you can easily enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are made from a tooth-coloured resin. These veneers can be applied quickly through a process called composite bonding, which is a good treatment for imperfections such as discoloured, chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth.

During the procedure, our dentists will mould, shape, smoothen, and polish the bonding material directly on the surface of the teeth. A blue ultraviolet light is then used to harden the resin composite.

Unlike ceramic porcelain, resin is made from plastic material. It’s why composite veneers are less costly than porcelain veneers. With proper care, composite veneers can last for many years.


Dental injectables can refine your facial features to improve your smile and overall facial appearance. They are typically used along with other cosmetic dental treatments to provide an outstanding outcome. Injectables are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. With our experienced dentist, you’re in good hands!

Clear Aligners

Happy Dentistry are Aligner-certified dentists. We design clear aligners that will guide your teeth into the correct position to improve your bite and your smile.

Aligners are made from light but durable material that’s customised to fit your mouth. Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are more comfortable because they are removable and have a smoother feel to the mouth.

Are You Looking For a Chinese-speaking Dentist in Melbourne?

We are proud to be able to communicate effectively in both English and Mandarin at our dental practice in Melbourne. We offer our services to international students, families, and anyone looking to improve their dental and oral health.

We Are Here to Help

At Happy Dentistry, we take a patient centred approach in all our services. We will always prioritise your comfort, health, and safety. We will work with you as you decide to improve your dental and oral health.

Happy Dentistry provides high quality, state of the art cosmetic dentistry treatments. Our dentists in Melbourne are continually updated with the latest tools and techniques in the field of dentistry.

Accessible Location

Located on Swanston Street, our dental practice is in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Visit us at our Melbourne dental clinic during our opening hours!

Located on Swanston Street, our dental practice is in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Visit us at our Melbourne dental clinic during our opening hours!

Get quality dental treatment to help you attain and maintain a beautiful smile. Please book an appointment today, or you can learn more about our Chinese-speaking dentist in Melbourne.