Gap Free Take Home Whitening Kits

Happy Dentistry offers a special Gap Free package on take home teeth whitening kits. Get our professional teeth whitening system and use it in the comfort of your home. Even better, your kit can qualify for private health coverage!

A take home whitening kit comes with custom whitening trays made by our dentist. The trays are comfortable, and you can wear them for a set period, as our dentist recommends.

Get a beautiful smile with perfectly white teeth today!

Our Gap Free take home kits can be a great value option with many of the benefits of professional whitening.

At Happy Dentistry, our goal is to ensure you get a beautiful smile at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for convenient and affordable teeth whitening in Melbourne CBD, we would like to invite you as our patient and enjoy our special Gap Free offer.

Learn more about our special offers at our dental clinic in Melbourne or contact us today at 03 9663 3401 or via WeChat to book an appointment.