Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Are you experiencing pain when biting or chewing food? Do you get a sharp pain or do your teeth become overly sensitive whenever you drink hot or cold beverages? You may have severe tooth decay and need to have your root canal checked!

Our dental team will determine if you need treatment to ease your pain.

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What Is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure to repair and save a severely damaged or infected tooth. For most dentists, it is a preferable option to tooth extraction. During the process, our root canal dentists will remove the damaged or infected nerve tissue (also known as the dental pulp) from inside the tooth. After removing the dental pulp, our dentists will then apply dental filling to occupy the void left.

Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Our dentists will check your teeth and conduct a dental X-ray examination to determine the condition of your teeth. If the result shows you have an infected pulp, we will suggest getting root canal treatment to save the affected natural tooth and prevent the spread of infection.

Steps in Conventional Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure has three major steps and may require one to three sessions to be completed.

Root canal cleaning

Our dentists will remove anything that can be found inside your root canal. We will provide a local anaesthetic so we can create a small hole in your tooth’s surface. Next, the dentists will remove the damaged or dead pulp tissue using fine endodontic files.

Root canal shaping

Our dentists will decontaminate and shape the hollow area using irrigation solutions and endodontic files.

Root canal filling

Next, your tooth will be stuffed with a rubber-like material (known as gutter percha) to seal the canals completely.

Adding a dental crown

Our dentists will add a crown to protect your tooth. Once the crown has been added, you can use your natural tooth like before.

Why Choose a Root Canal Treatment by Happy Dentistry?

Happy Dentistry provides high-quality root canal treatment in Melbourne. Our experienced dentists are trained in locating, diagnosing and treating severe tooth pain through root canal procedures. Also, our dental clinic in Melbourne has all the equipment and materials required for effective and comfortable root canal treatment.

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